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Adult Education

Bishop's Challenge 

The Bishop's Challenge is taken up at home. You may join in at any part during the year. Group discussion is held in the Guild Hall on Sundays at 9am where we discuss challenges, inspiration and other topics we may have learned, or have questions about. 

Starting February 23, 2015, the Bishop's Challenge will be working through the Daily Office Lectionary.

Online resources for Morning Prayer include Mission St. Clare Daily Office and Daily Office, Diocese of Indianapolis.

Previous Bishop's Challenges include:


Education for Ministry (EfM)

What is it?
EfM is not a Bible Study program. Most of the members have participated in the Bishop’s Bible Challenge or other forms of Bible Study. Though EfM is a 4 Year Course, it is a year to year commitment by members who have the option of staying for 4 years or breaking up their study years as they are able to participate.

We use the assigned annual course Themes: Year A, Living Faithfully in Your World; Year B , Living Faithfully in a Multicultural World, (Years C and D are currently being written) the great themes of scripture (creation, sin, judgment, repentance and redemption), and learn discussion protocols designed to help us build our personal theology in a Christian Community.

We meet once a week for 36 weeks.  New members may enter the class each year at the beginning of the course year in September.

There is a fee for the course, materials and mentoring. Mentors attend training annually to build their skills and learn about new materials. Scholarship aid may be available.

 Former students are eligible to return and retake one of the 4 years. They choose the year, pay for the course and return for a refresher or for an opportunity to reflect on their personal ministry and their potential for new direction.

To learn more, please call or e-mail the parish office.